Position title
Procurement Manager

Under the direct supervision of the Director of Finance conducts research to ensure goods and services required by the MBCC are procured and delivered as requested, in accordance with the Government of Jamaica Public Procurement Act 2015.

  • Bidding document preparation and evaluation.
  • Tendered reports prepared.
  • Contract prepared and managed.
  • Research conducted.
  • Suitable and registered suppliers sourced.
  • Proposal requested.
  • Suppliers/Contractors’ performance, capabilities and the competitiveness of the prices investigated.
  • Records maintained.
  • Goods and services procured.
  • Goods /services delivered.
  • Prepare RFP for goods, general services and major works.
  • Prepare and review the technical specification in collaboration with stakeholder, refining terms of reference (TOR) and preparing requests for proposal and bidding documents.
  • Review and evaluate proposal and bids received.
  • Prepare and review TORs and bidding documents for all required procurement activities.
  • Review all tender reports for submission to the Procurement Committee,
  • Prepares contracts.
  • Coordinates public procurement tender closing and opening exercise.
  • Review tender evaluation reports.
  • Assesses quotations and make recommendation for award.
  • Prepares addenda to tender documents.
  • Maintains contract register.
  • Prepares Procurement Plans for the MBCC
  • Maintains database with current cost and location of goods, works, and services and establishes links with ones in other government agencies.
  • Assists with negotiations with suppliers/contractors to obtain best prices and value for money.
  • Maintain procurement records in good order to facilitate audit and other reviews.
  • Liaises with Finance Division to ensure compliance with contract conditions for payments and other procurement guidelines.
  • Maintains data file with Government of Jamaica Procurement Procedures
  • Provides liaison services between the PPC, the Ministry of Finance, Office of the Prime Minister, and MBCC representatives.
  • Prepare tender documents for evaluation and Procurement Committee meetings.
  • Keeps track of each submission's procurement process, from preparation of Tender Reports to job completion and Contract termination.
  • Advises, supports and assists employees on all aspects of the procurement process and procedures.
  • Ensures that Procurement Committee submission requirements are adhered to, and that proper documentation in respect of received Bids/Proposals is maintained.
  • Attends meetings of Procurement and Contracts Committee.
  • Ensures that invoices are received from suppliers and the appropriate programme managers have signed “Goods received or Services rendered”.
  • Ensures that procurement practices conform with the relevant Acts.
  • Liaises with the Accounts & Finance Department to ensure that supplier’s invoices are paid in a timely manner.
  • Advises on the reliability and performance of suppliers. 

Other Responsibilities 

  • Performs any other duties as directed by the head of the Division.
  • Attends meetings of Procurement and Contracts Committees. 


  • Certifies supplier’s invoices for payment.


  • Good oral communication skills.
  • Good written communication skills.
  • Ability to work as a team.
  • Ability to work on own initiative.
  • Good interpersonal skills.


  • Good knowledge of the stipulations of the FAA Act.
  • Good knowledge of the Ministry’s Policies, Practices and Procedures.
  • Good knowledge of the Procurement Guidelines
  • Proficiency in the relevant computer applications.


  • Bachelor’s Degree: Management Studies, Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration, Public sector Management, Economics or any other related field
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNDP/CIPS Level 2 or INPRI Level 3 and MIND
  • Experience in related field: 3 years



  •  ACCA Level 2
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNDP/CIPS Level 2 or INPRI Level 3 and MIND Experience in related field: 3 years


  •  Diploma in Business Administration, Accounting or any other related field
  • Certificate in Public Procurement: UNDP/CIPS Level 2 or INPRI Level 3 and MIND Experience in related field: 5 years
  • Visit suppliers to determine the quality of goods to be procured.
  • May be required to work beyond normal working hours and on weekends.
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April 15, 2023
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