PR and Marketing Support

The Montego Bay Convention Centre’s Marketing and Communications Department is available to assist all clients with their publicity, advertising, and public relations needs. The Department can assist in buying local media, as well as providing local media information. We are also able to suggest programmes, pre- and post-conference tours and special events that will enhance your stay in Montego Bay by working closely with the Jamaica Tourist Board and other regional bodies.

A Note re Copyright Issues

Note: Licensees shall not use the trade name, service marks, trademarks, trade dress or logo of The Montego Bay Convention Centre in any form of publicity whether as a press release, a brochure, a verbal announcement, an advertisement, or any similar activity without the Licensor’s written consent. The Centre’s logo is available through our Marketing and Communications Department. A Licensor shall have the right to use the name, picture, likeness, trademark and/or logo of Licensee for purposes of advertising, promoting or publicizing the Event, the Centre, Licensor or its affiliates, provided that such use does not constitute the direct endorsement of a product or service without the prior consent of the parties involved.

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