The Montego Bay Convention Centre…Getting Down To Business

Jamaica has long been known as a tourist destination. Anchored by the iconic Reggae music and Jerk chicken, a thriving hospitality and attractions sector has become the face of the island. Montego Bay is taking big strides to go beyond the bright lights to position itself as one of the Caribbean’s top destinations for conventions, conferences and trade shows. “Tourism is very much driven by the seasons, but conventions and business travellers will make Montego Bay a year-round destination,” says Dittie Guise General Manager of the Montego Bay Convention Centre. Jamaica now has a premier facility for large corporate gatherings, with all the amenities to keep your employees, delegates and clients happy when not on the convention floor.”

Described as a bright spot on Jamaica’s economic landscape in terms of attracting people to the island, the gleaming new Montego Bay Convention Centre is now open for business. Years in the making, the new center has attracted the interest of groups from as far as South Africa.

It’s expected the US$50-million complex, which received international funding from the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) and the EXIM bank of China, will become an institution that generations of people will use for graduation, ceremonies, proms, weddings, business meetings, trade shows and Expos. It’s also expected that the convention Centre will have a huge economic impact: “It’s already created 30 full-time and 20 part-time jobs, and it’s projected to create more jobs in future years” says Joy Douglas General Manager of the Urban Development Corporation (Owners of the facility) .

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