Our Mission

The Mission of the Montego Bay Convention Centre is to bring world-class meetings, conventions, and events to Jamaica by adapting the principles and policies that accommodate the execution of the following functions:


Marketing the Montego Bay Convention Centre as a destination for International, Regional and Local conventions.


Working harmoniously with other organizations involved in marketing and promoting the City of Montego Bay and by extension the country of Jamaica, and making the Montego Bay Convention Centre the preferred destination of choice.


Servicing the needs of all visiting groups and individuals and providing visitors with an experience that exceeds expectations.

From its elegant entrance to its spacious courtyard; The Montego Bay Convention Centre was designed to be cozy and inviting. Visitors will be drawn to the Centre by breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the Chinese inspired architectural façade of the buildings. The majestic driveway allows for easy access to all points of the Convention Centre.